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Thursday, February 3, 2011

[DTS.Chatrix VS Nordic-eSports.DotA]

DTS vs NordicE-Sports
This is just a quicklink to an Awesome game I've just watched featuring DTS.
Now for those of you that don't know DTS is a Russian team which was Very famous in 6.48b version where they played a superb ganging style of Dota.
On their team they feature well know players such as NS,Light and Dread.
This is also the very same clan Loda was part of when he played Dota.

This is a 6.69c map version 1.24.

Why watch this game :
1)Night Stalker is pickeD!
2)Very cool Trilane on sentinel side with Visage/Cm/Vs in a lane.
3)Finally Storm spirit is used again :D

This game was highly enjoyable & entertaining to watch as well as having some awesome fighting sequences.

In other news I just finished an inhouse game with 9 other friends of mine, and all i can say is that after that game I feel i have a HUGE shell on my back because of the amount of Turtling we did :D
For those of you who don't know turtling is the art of barricading your enemy outside your base and denying him entry while you farm up for an advantage lategame.
But in the end my Visage won us the game :D(And my friends Phantom Lancer might've helped)


  1. Turtles are always fun.. as long as it's your team that's doing it lol!

  2. i play pubs its so hard to get randoms to work together to use turtling or nething like that

  3. Are there any DoTA Youtube channels that you would recommend? I've heard about DoTA (mostly about the general noob unfriendliness) and I was looking into the game, but I'd like some more info first. Was hoping that there were some youtube casters who specialized in it.

  4. Hey, nice post, looking forward to the next ones. :)

  5. @Worldcraft yes im gonna do a post on that in the future :) so don't worry
    @epicWallpapers ye its pretty hard to get people to work together but u just gotta put together a good team then BAM :)