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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Im Back!!!

So as some of you may have noticed I've kindve been afk these past 2 weeks.
Yes i just started university again but im glad to say im back in action!
Classes have started up and now im roaring to go.

Thankfully I've managed to still find the time to keep up to date with the latest dota action!
So without further do let me get you guys back in the loop!

So here's an awesome game played between Vigoss and PGG played in a russian tournament called SSG
Quick Analysis
Looking at your bans we see PGG and Vigoss both removing strong trilaners as well as strong turtling hero's.
The OD ban could've been the result of Vigoss wanting to pick slardar and having no hero's with lots of inteligence and combined with the fact that PGG's team had yet to choose a carry and solo hero they banned OD.
Now Vigoss's team has -Armour from both Slardar and Shadow Fiend while scourge has it in the form of Razor's ulty and Venge's scream.

Lane wise sentinel had very strong lanes and abused that early game advantage throughout the game.
All in all I'd recomend this game to anyone wanting to see Vigoss in action and make sure to check out his awesome clockwork!

So if you'll excuse me Ive got some catching up on some blogs to do :P


  1. so... you pwned hard right?... right?? >:3

  2. Cool, guess I'd have to reinstall DotA and War3 to watch this...